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Step Inside a World of Visual Poetry

Join us on a vibrant journey into Abstract Realism where every piece tells a unique story, and emotions dance on canvas. It's all about seeing the world from a new, colorful perspective and finding a bit of ourselves in each artwork.

'Song of Songs'

Original Artwork by Elli Milan


'Releasing Dreams'

Original Artwork by Dimitra Milan

photo_2024-04-01 11.44.39.jpeg


Original Artwork by
John Milan (DJ Freezy J)

Meet the Artists

Art That Speaks to the Soul. Find Your Treasure Here.

Our collection goes beyond just beauty; each piece carries a depth of emotion and a story waiting to resonate with you. It’s about investing in pieces that speak to you, touch your heart, and enrich your space with meaning and legacy. Come and visit our latest collection at Milan Art Gallery.

Contact Milan Art Gallery


72 S. Palm Ave. Sarasota, Florida 34246


(941) 362-7023

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